Founded in 2002 as a classic design office in Niederneisen close to Limburg, Stock Konstruktion GmbH has devolved into a leading provider of conventional optics machines, with 20 high qualified skilled employees. Stock Konstruktion has its own CNC controlled parts manufacturing as well as its own manufacturing plant in Schiesheim-Zollhaus.

Based on this many customers both at home and abroad rely on this competence. With great enthusiasm we continue to develop our production solutions, which will be the basis of our company's future success.

The development of the company is a challenging task that demands a lot of know-how, commitment and flexibility of the Stock employees. Because we already know today, what is really important to our customer tomorrow? We rely on well-trained employees who can work in a customer-oriented team and provide their expertise, to ensure that ideas turn into useful products and tailored solutions. We are all united in the team: "Nothing is so good that it could not be improved!“.

What we expect from you?
Quite simple: Be yourself. Do you have fun to think entrepreneurial? Can you rely on your Know-How? Put yourself in customer’s shoes? Make your own decisions? Can you imagine letting a good idea of yesterday disappear in the drawer in favor of a new knowledge of today? Then you should join us. For Stock employees this means pure flexibility, without losing traction. Who wants to be successful, should also bring above-average commitment and a healthy dose of ambition.

What can you expect from us?
Free space for your own ideas and their implementation. Quick decision-making and open doors. An atmosphere in which you can work with fun. Good Rewards for good commitment.

Did we spark your interest? Then please check our current vacancies or training offers under the magnifying lens! 

Nothing is so good that it could not be improved!


Training and promotion of young talents is tradition in Stock Konstruktion. Since the company was founded, we teach various professions each year. The professions to learn can vary from year to year, because we train according to our market demands. This concept is successful because it can be seen in the good examination reports of our trainees.


Technology, this is your world. You should enjoy working with construction materials; bring extensive general knowledge and a good knowledge of curiosity. If we have waked your interest and you also have a good school performance. These things are also very important to us. You should enjoy learning new techniques, looking for lots of variety and you are not afraid to do things independently.

A year before your graduation. Perhaps there is also something to say about your other activities, such as hobbies, sports, internships or summer jobs? This way you can show us that you like to be involved in something and work on something determined.

Step 1: Please email us your complete application documents.
Step 2: We will look at your application and we will contact you. If necessary, we will request additional document from you.

Currently no vacancies!